R & D

Making high quality foam takes skill that comes from both knowledge and experience, patience and dedication.
From the ingredients we use, to the work force we train and to the legacy of quality we maintain,
Rainbow Industry is a leader of foaming technology in East Africa.

Raw Materials

Our Raw Materials are shipped directly from Germany and Belgium in companies that have the highest standards of quality in the world. The main ingredients to make polyurethane foam are isocyanates and polyols. Other materials are added to help processing the polymer or to change the properties of the polymer. Isocyanates used to make polyurethane must have two or more isocyanate groups on each molecule. The most commonly used isocyanates are the aromatic diisocyantes, toluene diisocyanate (TDI) and methylene diphenyl diisocyanate, MDI. TDI and MDI are generally less expensive and more reactive than other isocyanates. Industrial grade TDI and MDI are mixtures of isomers and MDI often contains polymeric materials. They are used to make flexible foam, for example slabstock foam for mattresses or molded foams.

Carbon Footprint

We pride ourselves in our Customer Service. We want the customer to leave feeling they had the best service they could possibly receive. We have excellent and highly trained sales teams that are focused on customer needs; whether it’s for retail or wholesale purchase, we are ready to answer your questions and meet your demands. At Rainbow Foam, we continuously strive to help customers receive the best service possible and we do it with a smile. We want our customers and everyone who invests in our products to be comfortable. Our mattresses and cushions and sofas have been built to ensure the highest level of comfort possible. We guarantee satisfaction and comfort and we even give 100% warranty on all our products. Discover the difference of Rainbow Foam. It’s time you get a true beauty sleep!


Skilled Labor

In most segments of our work force here at Rainbow Foam Industry, we hire people with high skill levels that help create significant economic value through the work performed. This generally means we have selected individuals characterized by high education or expertise levels and by giving them higher wages. Because skilled labor at Rainbow Industry involves complicated tasks that require specific skill sets, higher education, detailed training and years of experience, and not to mention, abstract thinking. we have made the commitment to getting the expertise needed to execute our vision needed for a stronger better Rainbow family.

Quality Control

We have a strong quality control division starting from our chemical formulation department who carefully and meticulously formulate the ingredients needed to create excellent high density foam. In addition, we have a highly qualified maintenance department who regularly check on the quality of the machines in order to always ensure their full working capacity without ever hindering quality production. Last but not least, we guarantee that our customers will enjoy our products or they get their money back! We have a full 100% warranty on all our products.