What We Do.

Our quality standards apply also in terms of service, technical expertise and advice.


We want our customers and everyone who invests in our products to be comfortable. Our mattresses and cushions and sofas have been built to ensure the highest level of comfort possible. We guarantee satisfaction and comfort and we even give 100% warranty on all our products. Discover the difference of Rainbow Foam. It’s time you get a true beauty sleep!


We pride ourselves in our Customer Service. We want the customer to leave feeling they had the best service they could possibly receive. We have excellent and highly trained sales teams that are focused on customer needs; whether it’s for retail or wholesale purchase, we are ready to answer your questions and meet your demands. At Rainbow Foam, we continuously strive to help customers receive the best service possible and we do it with a smile.


We have a strong quality control division starting from our chemical formulation department who carefully and meticulously formulate the ingredients needed to create excellent high density foam. In addition, we have a highly qualified maintenance department who regularly check on the quality of the machines in order to always ensure their full working capacity without ever hindering quality production. Last but not least, we guarantee that our customers will enjoy our products or they get their money back! We have a full 100% warranty on all our products.

We Put Our Customers First

At Rainbow Foam Industry we provide various advanced foaming systems which make maximum use of foam products perfect. By creating a viable system into our foaming infrastructure, we have realized a comfortable, safe and quality oriented work force that is able to produce all your product needs in a timely and efficient manner. Essentially, everything at Rainbow Foam is a labor of love.

Rainbow is engaged in two main business structures. The first area extends mainly toward beds and beyond. This first infrastructure includes mattresses, pillows and cushions, rebounded foam (known also as bonded foam), foam sheets, custom made foam and scraps. Beyond that we also provide duvets and sleeping fabrics and comforters. By putting all the essential elements needed for a mattress under one roof, it’s our way of putting the (you) the customer to rest.

The second area is within our furniture infrastructure department, and our products include sofas and chairs, desks, kitchen cabinets, bed frames, home décor, ceramics, and home lighting fixtures. As a home system integrator that fuses modern furniture and foam technology, we will provide a “one stop solution” to our customers, from engineering, design and development of furniture and foam products and services. We guarantee to be the best in what we do.