The Lucid Mattress.

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Pocket Spring Technology
The Lucid Mattress is part of our Artisan range of Luxury Mattresses. The Lucid is an excellent mattress with layers of soft foam, including memory foam and polyester over pocket springs, which provide comfort, durability and a supportive firmer feel. This mattress is the #1 pick for luxury brand hotels.

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Lucid is also designed for people of an above average body weight and for those who actually prefer a more supportive feel.

And though it is not as hard as our Mr. Bond edition, this mattress provides additional firm support to make it suitable for the heavier sleeper and for their loving partner. So, if you’ve ever enjoyed sleeping in a fancy hotel, we’re bringing that same 5-star luxury feel to your home. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for a night of lucid dreams.

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What Else Stands Out?

The Lucid comes in two options. The first one is a modern design with an array of scattered colorful triangles on the surface layer of the fabric. Over 90% of our customers love the design and it is also among one of the reasons this is our top seller. The second is a minimal design that is aesthetically beautiful to the eye and compliments any luxury bedroom. And just like the Damena Mattress, it comes with an exquisite upholstery-grade durable cover that is a dark gray-colored fabric, which helps greatly minimize the appearance of most major stains. Last but not least, we have an unbelievable 12 Year Warranty on this mattress. Welcome to our designer mattress.

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Dimensions 120 × 80 × 90 in