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When firm meets comfort
In a recent survey, 62% of our customers sought relief with Keste Damena mattresses after experiencing back or neck pain with their old mattress. This is why we at Keste Damena have paid special attention to back-relieving mattresses. Our amazing and super firm mattress, Mr. Bond is made from 100% pure recycled foam and it is the number #1 mattress recommended by leading Chiropractors in the country.

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This mattress is mainly recommended for those that sleep on their back and who have back problems.

This is the firmest mattress we have in our company. For those with back and neck problems, we also recommend our plush contour gel pillow that delivers top contouring and cushioning support to the neck, back, hips, and shoulders, relieving pressure points where it’s needed most.

Why So Popular?

At the intersection of high-end materials and a cost that is significantly less than high end Spring Coil Technology, Mr. Bond Mattress creates an equilibrium of comfort and superior back support for a great night’s sleep, without cutting any corners for the cost. If all of this sounds too good to be true, there’s more, Mr. Bond has a 7 Year Warranty.

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